We Are

a collective of unique individuals pulled together around ideas, products, clients, initiatives, goals, principles and beliefs.

Bright Minds

Thinkers and thought provokers that push the boundaries of the possible. Our greatest strength lies in our team’s ability to challenge our own best thinking. We move past the expected to bring original ideas to life.

Purposeful Procrastinators

We listen and wait for opportunities to use what we know, at the right time, and in just the right way to make a difference for our clients and their consumers.

Committed Makers

Our shared passion for improving the human experience through digital solutions bands us together into one extraordinary team.

Strategic Visionaries

We believe in the power of numbers to offer knowledge that leads innovation, drives engagement and fundamentally changes lives. We use data to personalize user experiences and drive business performance.

Mindfully Global

We are a mix of many cultures and personalities with a shared vision. All are welcome, everyday is different, and we are making an immediate and lasting impact.

Innovative Leaders

Dedicated leaders that drive strategic vision, empower our teams and foster an atmosphere of passion for the work we do.

John Castleman

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Norman

Chief Operations Officer

Tom Sheehan

Chief Financial Officer

Ashkan Afkhami

General Manager, Healthcare

Mike Welsh

Chief Creative Officer

Paul Piebinga

General Manager, Europe

Ty Rollin

Chief Technology Officer

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