Amazon Web Services for Wawa

Rewarding loyalty and making life easier for customers on the go. We leveraged AWS to build a mobile platform that gave Wawa’s customers a new way to order ahead, collect rewards, and conveniently make mobile payments.

Convenience on the Go

Despite being the first in the industry to implement in-store, self-serve kiosks fifteen years ago, Wawa recognized a larger opportunity to engage its customers through digital channels. The beloved regional chain of convenience stores and gas stations turned to Mobiquity to define a mobile strategy that not only integrated with its business plan and rewards program but also built upon its incredibly strong customer loyalty.

Customer experience is at the foundation of Wawa’s culture so a user-friendly journey, through order placement, payment and pick up, was a must. Our team members immersed themselves in the Wawa experience - integrating into the community, observing and engaging with customers at gas pumps and food kiosks. We set out to design and build a product that was a true extension of the Wawa brand.

The Wawa "Order Ahead" app that we delivered allows customers to order ahead or in-store with their phone as well as pay, track progress to the next reward, and redeem rewards when making their next in-store purchase. In the end, we created a unified experience across multiple platforms that enabled Wawa to:

  • Leverage customer analytics to drive personalized content delivery
  • Further enhance and increase customer traffic, spending, and brand loyalty
  • Streamline the path-to-purchase and reduce in-out time through the store
  • Integrate with mobile loyalty and payment

The Result

Utilizing AWS services to create a fully auto scaled solution for the mobile ordering system led to multiple performance improvements for Wawa. Operational deployment times were drastically reduced from hours to 10 to 15 minutes and discrepancies between instances were removed, which led to a more consistent customer experience and more secure servers. Additionally, the implementation of log aggregation helped the team to debug errors faster and more efficiently.

The application has been met with wide acceptance, usage, and praise. We are continuing to work with Wawa in its long-term evolution as it thrives in being the neighborhood hub for true, community-centered convenience.

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