Convenience To-Go

Rewarding loyalty and making life easier for customers on the go. We built a mobile platform that gave Wawa's customers a new way to connect to stores, collect rewards and conveniently make in-store purchases. 


At the 728 Wawa convenience retail stores along the east coast, there are no automatic doors. Wawa knows its customers - customers for whom it's a pleasure to hold the door for their neighbor. It's no wonder that Wawa considers each of their stores a "town square" and their value statement focuses on "fulfilling lives, every day".

Despite it's traditional, community-centered roots, Wawa is no stranger to innovation. Fifteen years ago, Wawa was the first in the industry to implement touch-screen food ordering kiosks. The endeavor proved very successful and Wawa continued its foray into innovation. More recently, the company decided that there was a larger opportunity to engage customers digitally. Wawa identified a need to develop a mobile strategy that integrated with their business plan and rewards program. 


Wawa engaged Mobiquity to set the strategy and design the solution. The mobile journey began with an assessment of the market place and a development of a digital roadmap for Wawa's mobile rewards program. 

After defining the roadmap, our team proceeded to design and build the foundation of Wawa's mobile architecture (iOS & Android). The architecture included a key component - the customer hub, which drove personalization by serving as a base for aggregation and segmentation of all of Wawa's customer data. The hub's flexible architecture provided integration into other loyalty programs, as well as Wawa's website. 

Customer experience is a foundational part of Wawa's culture, so a user friendly app design was a must. The creative portion of the project kicked-off with a large-scale collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. Our team members immersed themselves in a "true" Wawa experience. They integrated into the Wawa community, observing and engaging with customers at gas pumps and food kiosks. Their mission was to gain a clear understanding of the Wawa customer, discover what they value most, and identify the unique moments that make Wawa so special. 

We set out to design and build a product that was a true extension of the Wawa experience. A product that would make ordinary actions like paying for in-store purchases or redeeming reward points, a breeze. Months of research and hard work resulted in a brand new Wawa app. Wawa's customers can use the app (available iOS & Android) to pay with their phone, track progress to the next reward, and redeem rewards when making the next in-store purchase. Additionally, the app user can check nutritional information of their orders, look up store hours, get directions, and view fuel prices at specific Wawa locations. 

Wawa Case Study. Convenience To-Go


In the end, we created a unified user experience, design, customer database, and architecture that enabled Wawa to: 

  • Leverage customer analytics to drive personalized content delivery
  • Further enhance and increase customer traffic, spend, and brand loyalty
  • Streamline the path-to-purchase and reduce in-out time through the store
  • Integrate with mobile loyalty and payment

The application has been met with wide acceptance, usage, and praise. We are continuing to work with Wawa in their long-term evolution as they thrive in being the neighborhood's hub for true, community centered convenience. 

Wawa Case Study. Convenience To-Go


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