Europe's 1st Click-Collect is a large scale European grocery service that had the simple goal of making the shopping experience more efficient for its customers.


Netherlands based wanted to be Europe's first to optimize the "click-and-collect" grocery shopping experience. That means, whether you're sitting on your coach at home, in the middle of a meeting at work, or running your kids to soccer practice, a trip to the grocery store won't be on your ist of things to do. 


Mobiquity designed and built an integrated omnichannel eCommerce platform. Customers could order groceries from their device, then pick them up from an automated, robot-driven pickup point. The front end ordering system integrated seamlessly into the backend climate-controlled pickup location, ensuring customers' orders are ready for them within 60 seconds of arrival. 


  • Reduced pick-up time to 60 seconds
  • eCommerce platform
  • Responsive Website
  • iOS, Android and Tablet apps
  • Faster, more efficient and often cheaper shopping experience for's customers


  • Box 0
  • UX + Design
  • Development


  • iOS
  • Android

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