Digitizing Data Collection

Enexis manages energy networks in the Netherlands. The company provides gas and electricity to 2.6 million customers on a daily basis. It does so by operating a regional network of power cables, gas pipelines and substations. 


Enexis is responsible for monitoring the performance of household groundings that they create and maintain. Traditionally, this was achieved through random sample surveys in each region. It was a tedious process that required field engineers to complete and file paper forms. As a result, there was little access to pre-processed information. 


Our goal was clear: digitize Enexis' grounding inspection process from end to end. We held collaborative design sessions with relevant stakeholders and worked alongside field engineers. We immersed ourselves in their daily work and observed routine actions. This led to the design of a great solution, backed by a broad employee audience who had ownership of the product. 



As a result of the partnership, we delivered a user-friendly mobile application that enabled:

  • Distribution of 50,000+ locations to field engineers throughout multiple regions in The Netherlands
  • Sort and filter functionality for ease of queries
  • Map view for locating sites
  • Fast and efficient electronic reporting
  • Photography and written documentation associated with individual sites
  • Instant receipt of alternative locations if access is impeded
  • Real-time modification of inspection methods without survey sample error
  • Electronic documentation even in areas with no connectivity


  • Box 0
  • UX + Design
  • Development


  • iOS
  • Android

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