Princess Máxima Center For Pediatric Oncology

Empowering Children With Cancer

Mobiquity helped Princess Máxima Center understand the complex journey of treating children with cancer. We designed and developed a digital solution for parents that makes the practical side of planning and scheduling treatments easier to manage.


As a fully specialized hospital for children’s oncology, Princess Máxima Center's mission is to cure children with cancer and to provide them with the optimum quality of life. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, a grueling time of uncertainty begins for their entire family. Pediatric hospitals in the Netherlands will provide an overview of the treatment, schedule and description of the medication to be used during chemotherapy. However, it tends to be rather scientific in nature and isn’t always understood by parents who just learned their child has cancer. Princess Máxima Center and Mobiquity wanted to create an intuitive-to-use solution from the perspective of the patient and family. 


Mobiquity designed and developed an interactive and visual digital support tool to guide families during the different treatment phases. The tool contains a timeline of the complete treatment plan and explanations about each step. It shows insights on how to integrate this information into daily life, depending on the different treatment phases and a child’s personal experiences. This helps align the knowledge level of the doctors and nurses with the needs of the children and parents. 



When such valuable information is offered in a tailor-made way, children and their parents feel more empowered to best manage the disease and reduce stress. The digital tool:

  • Delivers a visualization of treatment plan information to better align to the knowledge level and needs of children and parents. With this, families are better informed.
  • Provides insight on how to best integrate different treatment phases into daily life in order to improve the transition from hospital to home.

For more information on the partnership between Mobiquity and Princess Máxima Center For Pediatric Oncology, see our partnership announcement.




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