Mobiquity and I AM STEM Host Educational Event For Campers

At Mobiquity, we know that the future of innovation depends on capturing diverse perspectives and experiences and applying them to real world problems. That’s one reason among many that Mobiquity was excited and proud to have worked with I AM STEM, a comprehensive and enriching summer camp that targets populations who are underrepresented in STEM fields. It was a great opportunity to positively influence amazing students who are interested in learning during their summer break!


Working with the I AM STEM team, we decided to plan a hands-on presentation about coding for the kids during one of their camp days. We knew the key was to make sure our session was both educational and interactive.

Over many lunch meetings, the Mobiquity team prepared for the event and created an engaging snake game to present to the students. The goal was that throughout the presentation, the kids would simultaneously follow along and work to fill in missing lines of code. Judging by the smiling, high-fiving, and celebrating when they completed the game, it seems like they had a blast – and so did we! 

In addition to providing the content for the day, Mobiquity provided pizza, pens, T-Shirts, and a $1,500 donation to the program. 

Mobiquity loved meeting this group of dynamic and energetic future coders. A huge thank you to the campers, and to I AM STEM for making this event happen. We're looking forward to more events in the future!

About I AM STEM: 

I AM STEM Camps focus on leveraging the development of community-based partnerships to increase access, equity, and diversity of high-quality informal STEM programs. These comprehensive enrichment summer camps last about 8 weeks, and target populations who are underrepresented in STEM fields, with goals of improving their interests, identity, and engagement in STEM.

The I AM STEM curriculum integrates technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction into science. All activities have clear learning goals, and provide opportunities for children to engage in scientific phenomena while learning. 

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