Mobiquity Advisory Board Chair Talks Future-Proofing Your Enterprise In New Article

What do Netflix, John Deere, and Progressive Insurance have in common? They were all early adopters of AI. And now, they're enjoying competitive advantages as other players in their spaces catch up. 

In his new Enterprise Security article, Scott Snyder, Chairman of Mobiquity's Advisory Board, shares his take on how companies across all industries can embrace new technologies and future-proof their enterprises. He explains why companies should focus on experiences that are:

  • Immersive - Brands should emphasize context in terms of time and location as well as pay attention to sitautional and emotional cues.
  • Cognitive - As Scott says, "It is hard to imagine an application getting built in the next 3-5 years that will not leverage ML or AI more broadly."
  • Trusted - It goes without saying, but as companies increasingly rely on data, trust becomes all the more important. 

Read on for Scott's full article, "Future-Proofing Your Enterprise for the New ICT: Immersive, Cognitive, and Trusted," and get 5 tips for managing the ongoing changes in both emerging technologies and user needs.

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