Mobiquity Shines At ABN AMRO Hackathon

At Mobiquity, we’re always up for creating what’s next. So when we were given the honour to participate in a moonshot hackathon organized by ABN AMRO’s risk labs - as the only external party - we jumped at the chance.

The topic was RaaS, risk as a service. Calculating the risk involved in financing companies or propositions is an expertise banks usually employ internally. But times are changing. Fintech startups are increasingly involved in transaction handling, taking this business away from the traditional financial institutions. This has inspired ABN AMRO to focus on risk assessment as a potential commercial service for their clients. For this occasion, ABN AMRO’s team of Emiel Oswald, Lillyjan Crombach, Marijn van Kersbergen and Michiel Pfauth was fortified by Mobiquity’s Coen Jonker (Data Scientist), Martin Andrino (Solution Architect), Stephan Schrauwers (Service Manager), Tim Elfrink (Data Scientist) and Balazs Szemes (Senior Project Manager .

Starting from the assumption that similar companies share similar risks, we worked on an idea to model a group of companies as an ecosystem that includes multi-tier customers and suppliers. In this way, risks they have in common can be managed more efficiently. Together we refined the existing idea and developed a small proof of concept for such an ecosystem by mapping transactional relationships.

After two days of co-creation, we finished 4th place out of 18 teams, an impressive accomplishment as some teams arrived with ideas they had been working on for months. We did finish first in the fashion category, as we dressed ourselves and our ABN AMRO team mates  in Mobiquity colours. We had a great hackathon together and hope to develop this relationship further.

ABN AMRO hosted a well-organized event, that included generous catering and enough anonymised data in a sandbox environment to keep our brains and our imagination fired up.

For more information about the hackathon or to let us know about other hackathons, reach out here.