Mobiquity Joins Forces With Hexaware to Power Digital Transformation Today marks an exciting day for Mobiquity as we’ve joined forces with Hexaware Technologies, one of the fastest growing global IT consulting services firms. Together we’ll build a bigger and better Mobiquity to power digital transformation at scale. Read More
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Alexa - Inside Out

Jieke Pan / May 9, 2019

“Alexa, set the alarm to 8-o-clock in the morning”, “Alexa, tell me a joke.”, “Alexa, check the traffic.”

Amazon Alexa, known simply as Alexa, is the voice assistant platform developed by Amazon and launched alongside the Amazon Echos devices in 2014. Today, over 100 million of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers are connected Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Natural voice experiences that offer customers a different way of interacting with the technology they use every day.

Thought Leadership

Cloud, The Multi-Functional Octopus

Jieke Pan / February 7, 2019

Cloud computing is and will continue to be a hot topic, as it is the foundation of many IT services, applications, and platforms. If your business is still not running from the Cloud, hopefully, this article will inspire you to start taking advantage of the many benefits of being Cloud native.

Thought Leadership

Your Goal is Mine, My Goal is Yours

Jieke Pan / June 6, 2018

He has a Chinese and Portuguese background and is fluent in several languages. As Backend Team Lead and Senior Tech Manager, deriving the optimal quality from a team consisting of people with very different cultural backgrounds is second nature to him.