Gartner Includes Mobiquity in the 2019 Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services Report Named a cool vendor in Gartner's 2015 Cool Vendors in Application Services, Mobiquity was again evaluated in the “Where are they now?” section of this year's 2019 Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services report. Read More
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The Future of Cooking is Hands-Free

Amy Kleppinger / April 12, 2019

If your recipe site doesn’t incorporate voice, you may be missing a huge opportunity. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using voice in their everyday lives. In fact, Forrester recently reported that more than one in five households currently have at least one smart speaker, and one study predicts that within the next year 50% of internet searches will be done using voice! 1 What’s even more significant for recipe sites -- consumers are already telling us they use voice while cooking: