Gartner Includes Mobiquity in the 2019 Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services Report Named a cool vendor in Gartner's 2015 Cool Vendors in Application Services, Mobiquity was again evaluated in the “Where are they now?” section of this year's 2019 Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services report. Read More
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Thought Leadership

How to implement Siri Shortcuts into health iOS application — Part one: Activity

Alessio Roberto / August 12, 2019

Apple introduced a new powerful voice functionality with iOS 12 and upcoming iOS 13: Siri Shortcuts. This new Siri function gives developers the opportunity to create connections inside your applications that Siri uses to improve the end user’s experience by being able to use application functionalities without needing to open the app.

Thought Leadership

Shortcuts For Delivering Frictionless Applications With Siri

Alessio Roberto / October 10, 2018

One of the most common questions our clients ask about their mobile apps is how to keep users engaged after they initially download the app. After all, if a brand is going to invest precious resources into its app, it wants to ensure this investment is paying off!

Thought Leadership

From Ferrari To Mobiquity

Alessio Roberto / July 23, 2018

He started at Ferrari, ran into a step-tracker in New York, fell in love with apps, and saw an opportunity at Mobiquity that was a great fit.

Alessio Roberto: “When you talk about food, there is only one language that makes sense for doing so — Italian. OK, I’m known around here for frequently talking about good food and good health. I just can’t help myself — I’m Italian. Good food and health are just about the first things you’re aware of.”