Hospitals Take Note: Amazon Transforms The Hotel Experience

Alexa is checking in!

Last week, Amazon announced a new version of its voice assistant designed specifically for hotels. Alexa for Hospitality enables Alexa to become guests’ virtual, in-room concierge, simplifying tasks like playing music, ordering room service, making housekeeping requests, and even checking out.

While hotels have been experimenting with Alexa for some time (just look at IHG), Alexa for Hospitality offers new features to make delivering a voice experience easier than ever before. The platform comes with a centralized console for provisioning and managing devices as well as integrates seamlessly with existing services and amenities.

Hotels can also customize the experience to reflect each property. For those that really want to differentiate, they can develop custom skills tailored to specific use cases. And the service makes key engagement metrics available so that hotels can continue to improve the experience – just like they would any other digital touchpoint.  

As for the elephant in the (hotel) room, Amazon addresses major privacy concerns by automatically deleting recordings each day, and Alexa for Hospitality can be reset before new guests arrive. Hospitals, take note. While we don’t know for certain, it seems that Alexa has taken one big step forward in terms of becoming HIPAA compliant.

Alexa for Hospitality will launch with Marriott as its initial partner. As studies show that guests spend up to 140% more at hotels that offer a positive customer experience, is it time to start thinking about your voice strategy?