Mobiquity sees voice impacting all languages and cultures, making user engagement more natural than ever before. We’re empowering brands to find their voice and capitalize on the potential - even Amazon has recognized our expertise.

Global Alexa Lab

Our Global Alexa Lab is home to voice-plus innovation. With a team of 50+, we bring together skill sets in voice user interface (VUI) design, copywriting, skills development, and marketing to put voice at the core of your digital experiences. Combined with the four building blocks of our lab - a proven Speakeasy framework, Voice Factory automation, home user testing, and an inspiration hub for envisioning a skill - we enable our clients to accelerate time to market for robust, connected solutions.

What We Do

Each brand’s journey is unique. Mobiquity’s voice program is designed to engage you wherever you are with whatever services you need.


We’ll conduct voice user experience research, leverage our experts, and assess opportunities. With this understanding, we’ll help you to brainstorm an engaging, innovative skill concept along with features and functionality. Be inspired by brand voice ideas.

Build & Test

Our global team of voice user interface designers and developers will develop and test your skill leveraging Agile processes and automation. Hear your brand voice come to life.


We’ll get your skill certified, publish it in the Skills Store, and help you spread the word. We can also maintain your skill once it’s in production with our voice managed services. Share your brand voice with others.


Our digital marketing team will define KPIs and measure success, enhancing your skill based on user feedback. Make your brand voice increasingly resonate.

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Our Perspective

We believe in voice-plus, not voice only. Voice adds the most potential when it’s part of an omnichannel strategy for engaging your audience. Our Global Alexa Lab delivers solutions that are integrated into broader digital experiences - along with mobile, web, IoT, and chat bots - so that you always meet your users’ needs on the right channel, at the right time.

While we're big advocates of the power of voice, we see voice as having the most potential when it's one of many channels for engaging your audience.

"Mobiquity has been a key partner in helping Nestlé to innovate with voice. Their extremely competent and capable resource pool brings both creative thinking and the voice expertise needed for success. Designing for voice is so different than designing for the web, so their experience has been truly valuable. Thanks to the team, we launched a completely new voice+visual experience to engage our consumers."

Josh Baillon, Digital Innovation Manager, Nestlé

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