Busting Checkout Lines

Lifestyle brand ALEX AND ANI creates meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories. They are on a mission to help their customers find inner peace and positive energy.


Despite aspirations of peace and positivity, ALEX AND ANI found that long check-out lines do nothing but bring about stress. The brand dedicated themselves to being more attentive to customers and reducing in-store waiting time. 


ALEX AND ANI decided to enable their store employees, the Bangle Bartenders, to make transactions on the spot instead of referring customers to the register. We worked alongside the company to create a mobile point-of-sale solution that uses Daily Systems' iAPS™ sled for iPod touch. The new payment option meant the Bartenders could swipe credit cards, scan bar codes and print receipts, all on the spot.



The mobile POS system gave ALEX AND ANI opportunity to increase the number of checkout points from four to ten in most stores, and in one location from five to twenty five. This allowed the retailer to hire more sales staff to interact with their customers and ultimately reduce customer store abandonment rate. 

Additionally, the use of mobile POS systems gave the store a more intimate feel. The enhanced checkout process improved the flow of traffic while almost eliminating lines. The combination of quality merchandise and the new mobile POS devices resulted in year-over-year sales increase of 318%.


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