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Sitting in the Waiting Room Wasting Time

If you’ve ever been with a sick child crying in pain while waiting to get into the ER, you know how long each minute seems. Or when you’re put on hold trying to make an appointment. Making your way through prompts to get billing information. Then you understand what Southern Maine’s York Hospital wanted to correct so that its patients would receive top-notch care and attention.

Care Brought to Your Smartphone

An app was the answer, one that brings York to a patient’s mobile device. Don’t have a doctor? Find one by swiping through an interactive list of practitioners. Want to ask a dermatologist about a worrisome wart? Specialists are available to answer questions via smartphones and tablets. Wondering about the wait time in the ER? Launch the app, and you’ll be updated immediately. Refill prescriptions. Get free medical advice from on-call nurses. Find out about available services from birthing to cancer care. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it.

Great Apping

ER and walk-in labs wait times are updated every 15 minutes, and patients access the information on the go. York Hospital received a 9.8 out of 10 score for positive patient experience from Symcat. Just one indication of how adding mobile to the mix raises performance.

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