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Make Mobile Matter across the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Mobiquity has developed a full range of solutions for our clients across the healthcare ecosystem, solutions as diverse as medication monitoring, mobilizing medical devices and changing patient behavior.


What’s Behind These Solutions?

Innovative Thinking  

Our mobile visionaries and healthcare experts – including our chief medical officer and healthcare advisory board – push the envelope of possibilities to create more engaging and mutually beneficial mobile experiences. Our innovations include:

Using WIC-driven research, we built a framework to further the goal of using mobile to achieve beneficial behavior-change results, outlined in the white paper “Designing an Effective Behavior-Change Platform”. 

Additionally, we recently conducted an independent survey, “The Appification of Health and Fitness,” on how people use mobile to track their health and fitness and that the majority of these people will be using wearables to do this. 


Integrated Design, Build and Deploy

Our design and core technology teams put the customer and patient at the center of our solution designs, creating scenarios, personas, wireframes and prototypes for the best experience.

We design, develop and deploy integrated, connected health solutions — using emerging technologies such as sensors, voice agents and new interaction models — that meet HIPAA, PHI and FDA requirements


Advisory Services

We have the depth of experience needed to not only design, develop and deploy solutions that incorporate regulatory compliance for mobile medical apps and devices, but to also provide advice and counsel about mobile initiatives you already have in place.


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