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We created Mobiquity Labs to help you explore innovative ideas in the real world.

Labs allows you to turn concepts into tangible mobile solution prototypes that can be used for further testing, ideation, experimentation and securing business buy-in.

Applied Technology & Innovation

This applied lab explores the digital experience of technology with the aim of designing solutions to deliver greater value to your customers, business and employees. It provides an educational and research tool. By developing working prototypes in the lab, we can demonstrate real-world use cases and test the feasibility of mobile solutions that integrate truly emerging technology.

Focused in the areas of M2M, wearables, retail and security, Mobiquity Labs offers three different lab environments to fit your goals and budget.

  • Community
    • Brings together strategic decision makers from across key industries to collaborate around transformational technologies
    • Defines and delivers POCs with applied technology to determine if new ideas address business opportunities
    • Includes four POCs a year:
      • solution guide
      • reference architecture
      • reference device for each platform, pre-loaded with POC
      • licenses provided to community members (Mobiquity owns IP)
  • Private
    • Labs team works with you to deliver a POC on a per week basis (you own the IP)
  • Co-Create
    • Labs team works with you to deliver a POC (both companies share the IP)

Contact us if you would like to innovate with us.

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