Joel Evans

Vice President, Mobile Enablement

You have to figure that someone who founded so that technology fanatics could shoot the breeze and get the latest news on new products, trends and matters of geek importance is going to be someone immersed in the mobile world. (Geek was acquired in 2007)

And you would be right about Joel Evans, Mobiquity's vice president of mobile enablement. Evans has already demonstrated his acumen with Cronk Software, a company he started to provide custom mobile strategies and solutions to large enterprises and small businesses. (Cronk was rolled into Mobiquity in 2011.) He also served as director of mobile and wireless solutions for GTECH and as a wireless and mobility consultant for Microsoft.

A technology expert for a number of well-known publications and authors, Evans was the contributing editor for ZDNet's Mobile Gadgeteer and now regularly advises corporations and analysts on the future of technology.

He is a graduate of Hofstra University.

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