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Making It Possible for Students to Study on the Go

ITT Technical Institute, a private college system with campuses in 35 states and a full-time enrollment of 47,000, offers programs in business, drafting and design, information technology, criminal justice and nursing, along with several online degrees.

Because many of its students have day jobs and can only attend class at night, the institute wanted to provide learning materials they could study wherever and whenever they had time. During coffee breaks. On the bus. Getting a quick snack after work. It wasn’t practical for the students to be lugging around expensive, heavy books. They needed something portable with coursework to which they could relate.

Giving the Client What It Needs

Working with ITT Tech, we designed and built an Intellicourse app for 10-inch Android tablets, which can also be accessed on the Web. With it, students study in advance what will be covered in the classroom, helping them learn faster and better retain material. The app contains printed content found in any textbook along with many multimedia elements. Video interviews, animations, documentary footage, graphics, interactive elements that evaluate how much is being absorbed.

In addition, ITT Tech needed a content management system with which staff and teachers could easily and efficiently create coursework and track progress. So, we developed a content tool for that.

We built in these CMS features for recruiters:

  • Login using ITT-Tech S3 system
  • Search for a potential student in ITT-Tech S3 system
  • Register a student into the ITT-Tech S3 system
  • View and update student contact information, school information, citizenship and military standing

Mission Accomplished

With these apps, ITT Tech is keeping up with and going ahead of the revolution in wireless networks, applications and devices that are fundamentally transforming education. Students have better learning tools, and faculty is better equipped to produce the best curriculum.

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