Carlos E. Villarreal

Vice President, General Manager for Central and Midwest United States

A look at Carlos Villarreal’s résumé makes it clear why Mobiquity brought him on board to lead the central region. He was recruited straight out of college in 1988 by Accenture for its Advanced Technology Solutions group. Villarreal later joined Cambridge Technology Partners as part of its Central region leadership team. From 1996 to 2008, he served in various management capacities at Breakaway Solutions, The Socius Group (which he co-founded) and EDS. In 2005, he joined GlassHouse Technologies’ to lead its central and western region. Villarreal then became vice president of North American Consulting Services for GlassHouse. He has a demonstrated a laser focus successfully growing regions and practices.

As a child, Villarreal moved frequently because his father worked in the hospitality industry. Before you start feeling sorry for his nomadic childhood, keep in mind he lived in Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. After returning to his native Colombia, he began his higher education at the Universidad de Los Andes and completed it with a degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University in 1988,

In his spare time, Villarreal plays tennis and enjoys the outdoors with his wife, Vicki, and son Noah. Not surprisingly, Villarreal is a Texas Aggie and Dallas Cowboys football fan.

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