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Needing to Deliver Right Info at Right Time

If you build property-management software, then you want to streamline the process. Whether it’s for a professional property management company, landlord or homeowners association. That’s what Buildium does.

Because property managers spend much of their time in the field, Buildium required a mobile application that kept them connected. It wanted to capitalize on its in-house HTML technical skills and go multiplatform (IOS and Android) all at once.

Finding the Way to Handle Really Long Lists

Buildium turned to Mobiquity to design and build an HTML5/PhoneGap solution. But a problem surfaced. The application had to view and navigate long lists—more than 4,500 records, in some cases. An HTML5/PhoneGap solution can’t handle lengthy series of data elegantly. Scrolling was jerky, time consuming and frustrating.

By taking advantage of using the HTML5/PhoneGap platform and Mobiquity's experience in Javascript, we developed Javascript code that took cues from native apps and brought that native experience into HTML5. We wrote code that would “recycle” the cells that were scrolled out of the visible area. We then added bounds, tap and swipe detection, momentum, an #-A-Z jump-to-section widget and more. Since the frameworks are Open Source Software (OSS), Mobiquity released the new code to the open-source community in hopes that it will be used and enhanced and given back to the community time and again.

Client Gets What It Needed

As a result of this innovative concept, the mobile app delivers a true native experience and allows Buildium’s clients to run through large lists without an impact on performance.

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